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“Sgt. Elmo - I just finished your class in Appleton, WI and wanted to express to you how informative I thought the class was. Sometimes we take classes and when finished the attendee walks out of there relived that it was done. I can honestly say that this was one of the BEST classes I have attended. I enjoyed listening to you and how you rationalized real word experiences to everyday rank and file encounters. I have already gone to your web page and am looking for more training to attend. On a side note I work part time as a police officer for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and will be talking with my chief there about your training. Thanks again and talk to you soon. Let’s roll.”

Scot, Denmark Police Department

“Good engagement with the class-no patronizing or talking down to the participants-everyone was treated with respect.”

Douglas, Orange County Probation

“I will go to the POST website and recommend your course (Critical Incident Response for Supervisors and Managers) be mandatory training for supervisors.”

Ali, Long Beach PD

"Don't miss the opportunity to advance or even begin your behavioral intervention and violence risk assessment training with Brian Van Brunt. The training sessions are live, interactive, and best practice based. For some participants who might normally be reticent to ask questions in person, the virtual format may even provide more opportunities for interaction and questions/discussions. Brian remains approachable, compassionate and cares deeply about the important work each of us is doing."

Diane Deskin, Pima Community College, Tucson, AZ

“Outstanding training courses, with knowledgeable and professional instructors. Good combination of technical instruction and examples of personal experiences to support the instruction. Not just another training class where the instructors tell war stories and read from PowerPoint slides. Thanks for putting in the time and effort into presenting timely and valuable instruction.”

Cmdr. Sheldon Sterling, Folsom Police Dept.

"After hosting the “Critical Incident Management Class”  offered by Dprep, for supervisors and managers, we felt it imperative to have several of our line staff attend this deeply informative and eye opening course.  Mike Henkle did an outstanding job in presenting the subject matter, and showing us everything that needs to be considered in an emergency situation or critical incident inside or outside of our facility.  I would say to anyone considering hosting or attending this course as offered by Dprep and Mike Henkle, make it happen.  It will enhance your preparation  and readiness to handle any type of emergency situation.”

Bruce Strouble, Pasadena PD Jail Section

“Your recent course presentation of Critical Incident Management in Corrections was very helpful to our organization.  Although our Custody Division has had exposure to ICS, your course dialed it all in and made the information very relevant and comprehensive for our Correctional Managers and Supervisors.  Thanks to your course, we are moving forward with organizing drills and training with our line staff.  Being prepared is definitely the key to successful incident management. Thanks again for the excellent course.”

Captain Don Bevins, Solano County Sheriff’s Office

"My department had a training course on the ICS system for Corrections on May 18 through 20th, 2009, taught by one of your instructors, Mike Henkle. I don’t want to take up a lot of your time but I did want to let you know that the course was very informative and enlightening to the supervisory staff for this agency. Several small incidents have occurred since that training where the supervisors have already started to use this process. Mike was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. This course is something that our training manager has tried to get us to follow, including me, but we could not seem to grasp it. Now the understanding is there and staff is using it. This training is very useful and great since you have specifically geared it to corrections. Thank you and good luck.”

Scott Bradford, Solano County Corrections

I’ve recently attended a course tutored by Mike Henkle.  He did an outstanding job on opening our eyes to the bigger picture when assessing critical incidents.  His passion for wanting to get this information out was evident.  Our department has since begun further discussion on this topic and future drills and exercises are forthcoming.  On behalf of all line staff supervisors and managers who attended his three day course we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for his efforts.”

Corrections Lieutenant Rod Marsh, Solano County Sheriff’s Office

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