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We provide a wide variety of training classes and consulting efforts to assist the school administration in preparing the faculty and staff to manage critical incidents and disaster events. These classes are designed to be presented at your school with minimal interruption to the school activities.

Current Courses 
Conflict Resolution in SchoolsA modular 4-8 hour course that will enhance the ability of the educator to become an accomplished mediator. The training will discuss the barriers to successful mediation, recognition of the characteristic strategies of collaborative negotiation and the identification of the essential factors of constructive confrontation.
Critical Issues for Campus Safety K-12This course is designed to prepare all school employees to handle an emergency event on their campus. There is no guarantee who will be available to handle the emergency on your campus; our approach is to train all the Administrators, the Teachers and Classified Employees how to work as a team during a crisis incident when time is your biggest enemy. We teach everyone a four-step Critical Incident Response Plan that is capable of handling all hazards on your campus. This is a 2 Day class designed to be taught at your school, on your time frame.
Drug and Alcohol Identification in the SchoolA course designed to be brought to your school to instruct classified and unclassified employees how to recognize the signs of alcohol and drug influence and to have the capability of testifying properly at a hearing.
Dealing with Difficult People and Surviving Violent EncountersThis course is taught at your worksite and is ideal for public and private employees, school employees, university and junior college professionals that are in customer service or contact professional positions and have interaction with the public and fellow employees.
K-12 Anaphylaxis Training CourseIntended to be brought to your school site, this course is designed to provide essential school site personnel both certificated and classified employees training in accordance with Education Code (EC) 49414 on allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock and severe asthma attacks.
Refresher-Campus Supervisor/School Security Officer Course (SB1626)Refresher/Re-certification Course for SB 1626 Campus Supervisor/School Security Officer Course
School Mandated Reporter TrainingAll K-12 school personnel are mandatory reporters for: child abuse, weapons, assaults and drugs on campus. This is an Internet only training program that will qualify your school personnel for the mandatory reporter law. The course is taken on your timeframe at your facility over the Internet with full documentation and certificates issued in compliance with the regulations.
School Security Officer / Campus Monitor Training Course (SB 1626)This is a 24-hour compliance course that meets the regulations under SB1626. Every campus Security person or Hall Monitor working more than 20 hours per week needs to be certified as having attended this 24-hour, three day school. This law applies to all K-12 schools and Community Colleges and includes both the district employees and contract security officers.
School Site Safety PlansOur team of experts will come to your school, survey your school site and then produce for you the state-mandated Comprehensive School Site Safety Plan.
Violent Intruder Defense StrategiesThis violent intruder defense program is offered in partnership with: Response Options A Critical Incident Response Training Company. Office Phone: 877-OK-2-WIN-1 (877-652-9461) Cell: 817-343-0414 E-mail: Inquiries@ResponseOptions.com Web: ROSeminars.com